Roku won't return my Partner Success account. This puts the Hollogram Television's activities at serious risk.

Roku won't return my Partner Success account. This puts the Hollogram Television's activities at serious risk.
Greetings to all. This message is a protest message towards the Roku platform and its developer service. For those who don't know, there is a section where we developers can send messages to Roku in order to transfer or remove channels from our accounts. This is called Partner Success or Partner Knowledge Center.

What happens is that, at the beginning of this week, and as a process that I do every month in order to update all the channels that have livestream problems, as well as take the opportunity to remove channels that, after several weeks, no longer transmit or their livestreams were blocked by the administrators. For this month there are six channels to be removed from the platform.

However, I have a problem: the account I used to use to do that I can't access it anymore. I mean hollogram.television (at) So, I have to use an alternative account, the one at d********1 (at) I used this second account for quite a while before migrating to the current one.

However, when I asked for the deletion of the channels, they did not accept it because, for security reasons, they cannot do it if it's not through the account where the channels are.
Roku won't return my Partner Success account. This puts the Hollogram Television's activities at serious risk.

Obviously, I asked them how can I do this if I don't even have access or can't change the password or anything. It would appear as if I am locked out and they don't want to receive any messages from the hollogram.television (at) account. I even contacted customer service but they have no clue about developer accounts. I even had to call them on the phone to try to solve this problem, but they tell me that they don't have the authority for that division.

Because of this, I have decided to make this complaint public. I have been trying to access my hollogram.television (at) account for several months now. Even by putting the Contact option, I get an error message.

I want to make it clear that I have not received any blocking message or anything like that. What's more, I still have access to my developer panel, but I can't do anything if I don't have the Partner Success account. Because of this, until I get this problem fixed, Hollogram Television cannot continue to operate.

Why? Simple: how can I make changes according to what customers ask me to do if I can't even access in a normal way the only way of contact between me and Roku? That is synonymous with bad service.

Unfortunately I have had this problem for several months now and nothing has been fixed. If I don't get any response, I will proceed to take action to remove all channels made by me through a DMCA notice. And no, it's not because they are profiting from my channels, that's not the issue (moreover, by rules, Roku is free to use the names of the channels I have made for advertising purposes, that's why each time and every time Roku posts several of my channels on their social networks). It is because Roku is not giving me good service and I would not want my channels to continue to be taken advantage of when Roku has not been willing to fix my problem.
Roku won't return my Partner Success account. This puts the Hollogram Television's activities at serious risk.

That's why, if Roku does not fix my problem within this week, I will be forced to permanently shut down Hollogram Television and remove all channels by DMCA notice.

And I don't want to do that. Being a Roku application programmer has been my financial lifeline, as well as this website. Besides that, and not to brag about anything, Hollogram Television has been the only thing that keeps Roku alive in Latin America, since I recognize that due to Roku's recent policies regarding its support in Mexico and several Latin American countries, it has made Roku lose all the success it has earned, even after the famous lawsuit.

This has been my public complaint. I would like to ask for your understanding in this matter, but I want to regain my full access to my Partner Success or Partner Knowledge Center panel in order to be able to serve all my customers, both recent and potential, plus the people that I made Roku channels for free and recognize my work.

Again, thank you for your understanding.

Update 23:00: I was able to change the password and I get this message.

"Cannot sign in suspended user #388169020034"

What the hell does this mean? Does that mean you don't want use the support dashboard when you are obligated to?

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